The Dissemination of the United States

I feel like the recent government shut down proves my theory! I have this theory that in the future there will no longer be a United States like we know it because people will get tired of the shenanigans happening on the federal level. So slowly, states will slowly start to become their own countries, like Northern Colorado and Texas.

Even though I have no research or evidence to thoroughly support my theory, I just foresee states not feeling equally represented at the federal level, because let’s be honest, the goals of Georgia are vastly different than New York, Colorado, and Oregon. So slowly, states will separate and become their own countries. I’m not saying this will happen anytime in the near future, but the 51st State Initiative here in Colorado, sort of proves my theory but on a much smaller scale. I think the United States will turn into the European Union of America; it will be an over-arching form of government that will continue to keep things in balance, but the countries (states) still have their own rule and say at the end of the day.

So as WordPress as my witness, this is my theory that will slowly pan out over the next few centuries. (Since I have to think of a dissertation topic, maybe I will look into this more in depth….) Again, I think the government shut down is just furthering the fact that Americans are unhappy with the federal government and these events will continue to prove that point.