Cleaning up my life

Traveling to Costa Rica changed my life in ways I cannot even articulate yet. However, the most striking thing I noticed and learned while I was there, was how much people didn’t have, yet everyone was happy, calm, and seemed at peace. Once I got back to the United States I started looking around my life and noticed a lot of things that I had but didn’t need or hadn’t used in over a year – so I went to work cleaning up my life.

First, I started with my room. I had so much clutter and junk in my room, I could very clearly see why I had a hard time studying for school in my room – I was too distracted by the stuff that served no purpose. I went through my closet and donated a few things. I went through my bookshelves and either put the books for sale on Amazon or put them in a box in the basement to be used at later points in my life when I’m a “grown up.”

After I had finished with my room I cleaned out my car and my possessions in the basement and then started helping my parents clean up their lives too. This whole process took about two weeks to diligently clean all aspects of my life. Along the way I learned a few things about myself too. First, I really enjoy my spaces now that there isn’t so much chaos and clutter and I definitely feel more calm in my spaces. Also, I’m just as happy, if not more happy, now that I’ve donated a bunch of things. Costa Ricans have this happiness without all the junk weighing them down, and now I can totally see why. Who knew something so simple as cleaning and organizing could make such a significant difference in someone’s life?! The trick now for me will be to maintain this peace and serenity in my spaces….