Melissa and Joey TV workout

M&JI love Netflix! You can sit and watch an entire 10 seasons of a TV show in one weekend (with no sleep of course!) The problem with this is vegging on the couch for an entire weekend doesn’t line up with my fitness goals, so I love TV workouts because I still get to watch my marathons and still get in some workout time. Currently I’m hooked on this show (and couldn’t find a workout for Melissa and Joey on Pinterest), so I created my own.


-Joe compliments himself: 10 pushups (to look like Joe!)

-Joe cooks: wall sit the entire time

-Mel compliments herself: 10 Russian twists

-Mel or Joe make fun of one another: 10 leg lifts on each side

-Lennox compliments herself (lots of egos in this show):10 triceps dips

-Ryder is lacking self confidence/is awkward: 10 bicycles

-Someone mentions the scandal with Ryder and Lennox’s dad and Joe’s old company: superman (whatever level, length, and repetitions you want, but I like doing 15 reps on each side)

-Anytime all four of them are in the room: plank the entire time

Obviously this can be easily adjusted by adding length of time and counts. I’ve tried hard to make sure this targets the different areas of the body – legs, abs, back, and arms. Now back to my marathon! :))


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