My new love of thrift stores

I recently decided I needed some wall decor for a large, blank wall in my room. I wanted to put up a ton of pictures – but needed to find some cheap frames since in essence I was going to be ‘destroying’ the frames by spray painting them. I found a few cheap frames at Walmart, but all the frames were the same – I wanted some that were unique and fun and unexpected, so I hit up Goodwill. I’ve shopped at Goodwill in the past for costumes and miscellaneous items over the years but what I found at Goodwill in the pictures section was just amazing! I found about 40 frames at Goodwill, Arc, and Habitat for Humanity and I only paid $30 – that’s mind-blowing savings. The best part is that the frames I got are unique and fun and unexpected!! My completed wall mural is going to be banging!

This little adventure got me thinking about ways I can re-purpose other items found at thrift stores and the wealth of things that can be found at a local thrift store. First, it cuts down on consumerism and the overabundance of resources used to create new products every day. Second, by buying used goods I can experiment with painting techniques and things found on Pinterest. Third, it was a blast to shop at a thrift store and see all the cool and unique things that were there -plus,  there was brand new products still in their packaging, like dishes, glasses, clothes, and so on. Why pay $50 for a new set of dishes when you can pay $10?! Fourth, for people who like to change it up frequently this is a great way to do so without breaking the bank every few months.

I don’t mean to come off as a snob or anything, but I guess I was truly naive to what could be found at a thrift store. And since I’m currently anti-consumerism, reusing goods is a great way to still find the things I want without contributing to the over-usage of resources. Me = love, love, love thrift stores!


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