Growth does not equal Prosperity

I feel compelled to share the most interesting, shocking, and life-changing information that I learn while in graduate school because I feel that education is a very powerful tool. The most life-changing-stop-and-think-another-way thing I have learned this last week in school is that growth does not equal prosperity. Take a moment to think about that….. In my mind, and I would say in most people’s minds, growth and prosperity are synonyms or at the very least one does equal the other. The following video says otherwise: Growth vs. Prosperity. I strongly recommend spending less than 4 minutes to watch this video because Chris Martenson does a much better job explaining this process than I probably will, but here’s what I took away from this video:

Martenson explains people get in trouble and problems when they think that growth and prosperity go hand-in-hand. Martenson says that IN FACT, surplus leads to growth and surplus leads to prosperity, but you can’t have both. He gives an excellent example about a family with a set financial situation and then one year they earn a little more; the family can choose to reproduce (growth) or go on a family vacation (prosperity), but the family can’t do both because they don’t have that much extra/surplus money. After watching the video, I sat in class, just absolutely stunned. I think Martenson is right, people get in trouble when they think they can have growth and prosperity with the same surplus or the fact that they have to have both and think they don’t have the option to choose between which road they take. Can a business not have prosperity without employing additional people? Well the truth is they can and probably should. Why not boost prosperity for a substantial amount of time before thinking about growth? Wouldn’t families and businesses alike benefit from prosperous growth, whether that be additional trainings, travel, learning a new skill or just overall life better-ment without additional stress?! I think more people, families, and businesses should pursue prosperity without growth. I think this could lead to happier and healthier lives for every aspect of a person’s life.

Martenson has his whole website dedicated to economic growth by not being stupid. I went on to watch the remaining videos in his series, called The Crash Course. The remainder of his videos talk about overpopulation and the value of a dollar. All his videos are straightforward and pretty simple to understand so I’m definitely a new fan of Chris Martenson. But remember Growth does not equal Prosperity! Let that sink in for a few days before making your own conclusion about this statement because it took me a few days to see the genious-ness of Martenson’s statement.


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