Yoga on Coco Beach

Since I’ve been back in the States I can’t stop thinking about opening up a yoga studio on Coco Beach in Costa Rica. This goes right in line with the Pura Vida concept I’ve been working on. Granted there are some technicalities that need to be worked out, but the thought alone calms me.

Doing yoga on the beach, at 6am with the sun rising and the sounds of nature in the background; well could anything be more relaxing?! I don’t think so. I feel like tourists and locals alike would be on board with this business, because who couldn’t use a little more relaxation in their life? I feel like most people, myself included, get so bogged down in the hustle and bustle of life that we all forget to stop and smell the roses or listen to bird. In reflecting on my life, the most at ease I’ve ever been was when I was able to disconnect and spend some time in nature. Sounds cheesy but until you’ve done this it’s hard to understand.

Granted I’m not certified in yoga, nor do I have any business background, but it’s still a dream that can be attained. Many people have opened businesses with no experience and only passion, sometimes that’s more than enough. There’s a local yoga studio that does a 10 week, 200 hour certification program that costs as much as one graduate class. The cost might seem pretty pricey, but at the end of the program I would be a certified yoga instructor and could run my own classes at the studio that taught me. I like this practical application of knowledge and skills.

Even if I never make it back to Coco Beach, I still see many benefits of having my yoga certification. Especially since I’ve been going to yoga classes for a few years, I already have some basic knowledge. Yoga has many benefits including increased flexibility, strength, and balance, as well as improved posture, better sleep, and an overall sense of calmness and relaxation. This calmness is what I remember most about my yoga experiences and would be something I would like to pass on to tourists and locals in Coco Beach.


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