I am thankful for clean sheets

Thanksgiving brings memories of good food (probably too much food), football, The Macy’s Parade, Black Friday shopping, and lots of family, good fun, and laughs. OR in my case having a Stargate marathon for 4 days in a row.

But there is something to be said for the simple things in life – like spending time with your family. Being away from your family makes you really appreciate them and miss them. It’s been a challenge to be away from my family for as long as I have been and not to be home for Thanksgiving has been especially hard on me. Being sick kind of distracts from missing them so much – but only a little bit because I know if I was back at home I would be babied. Thanksgiving in recent years has been a time when my sisters, dad, and I spend hours playing the Wii and eating way too much food – including puppy chow.

So this Thanksgiving I am truly thankful for my crazy, fun, ridiculous family because I really miss them. It’s very easy to take your family for granted (especially when you live with them) but spending almost constant time with them has been time I definitely miss. On the bittersweet side, the internship is almost over and I’ll be home for Christmas.

Other small things I’m thankful for:

-Alex, who puts up with my ridiculous antics – and they are plentiful

-having a puppy who makes me laugh

-the fact that it was 7o degrees outside today and Alex and I got to go on a long walk and enjoy the nice weather

-my few, but close friends

-having a fully stocked fridge and being able to enjoy a giant bowl of ice cream

-living in a country that allows people to have free speech, which allows me to be able to write and post this blog

-having two jobs while some people do not even have one job

-having the opportunity to learn valuable skills and build my resume by working at National Geographic

-and of course, clean sheets! Who doesn’t love clean sheets?!


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