Happy GAW!

It’s that time of the year again to celebrate Geography Awareness Week (GAW)! It happens once a year to help show support for the importance of geography – here in the US and around the world. It’s kinda cool to know that everyone in the world can celebrate this small “holiday” together – regardless of location, nationality, religious affiliations, financial status, gender, or age.

Rewind one year to GAW 2010. Last year at UNC, we (the other geography students and myself) held a GIS day so students not in the geography department could try out geo-caching. We also offered cupcakes for correct geography questions answered at the University Center. The questions were fairly simple (ok, really simple, like what are the four directions on a compass rose) but students played along because there was free food. It was also a great opportunity to hang out with my fellow geography and Powell Club members and hopefully we got some people interested in Geography. Looking back, it was a pretty small effort, but at least we tried to bring awareness to Geography! ūüôā Hindsight really is 20/20, and looking back we had no focus on last year’s theme¬†which was Freshwater. Ooops. {A for effort?!}

THIS YEAR however, I’m¬†much more involved (working for NatGeo¬†definitely helps with that!) with GAW –¬†I’m blogging for the My Wonderful World blog, I’m hanging out on the Hill to award Legislatures who have been Geography Heroes, I’m also running some mapping activities¬†on the Hill and at some Marine Corps event (still a little unsure on the details), I’m volunteering at two NatGeo Live! events¬†– Ocean Soul and The Untold Civil War, I’m going to try to get some fellow interns to dine with me at Founding Farmers¬†for Think Local Thursday, I’m decorating tiles¬†for a rather large map that is composed of more than 130 tiles (I’m¬†hoping to post a picture when¬†this project is completed, so people can see the¬†visual but think of 130 tiles¬†done by 130 different people to create a diverse map),¬†and I’m attending a Conservation Symposium by WWF¬†all day Thursday and Friday.¬†¬†I’ve also Spoken Up for Geography – as I encourage everyone else to do. It takes a quick minute to send a pre-made letter to your members in Congress to tell them that geography is important and needs proper funding. And last but not least, I pledge to be more aware about recycling in my community and focus on recycling one new type of material this month through America Recycles Day (Tuesday 11/15/11). I’m going to focus on mixed use paper.

About me: I really like word scrambles, acrostics, anagrams,¬†and puzzles¬†(which is surprising¬†since I’m¬†so terrible at them)¬†so from the word “Geography”¬†I came up with this list of anagram words (and thanks to excel they are alphabetized and arranged by letter length)¬†– hero, gorge, grape, graph, grope,¬†hyper, opera, pager, payer, raggy, repay,¬†¬†ropey, pager, ahoy, ergo, gage, gape, gear, goer, gore, gory, gray, grey, gyre, hare, harp, heap, hear, hope, hype, ogre, orgy, page, pear, pore, pray, prey, rage, reap, repo, rope, yeah, year, yoga, age, ago, ape, ear, egg, ego, era, gag, gap, hag, hey, hog, hop, oar, ore, par, pay, pea, peg, pro, rag, rah, rap, and ray. I did a quick anagram search via Google and found out that my list is less than 50% of the words that could be created using “Geography.” But it’s still fun to play with and that’s my focus for GAW this year – have fun and learn lots!

I hope everyone has a great Geography Awareness Week and has fun exploring their community and getting involved! :))  


One thought on “Happy GAW!

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