Let’s Jump!

So today I had the pleasure of participating in this event held by National Geographic and First Lady Michelle Obama’s campaign Let’s Move. Hundreds of National Geographic employees gathered in the cafeteria to jump for one minute. There was food, prizes, games, and of course friendly faces. Hopefully we will set a Guinness World Record by having the  most people jumping – which has to be at least over 20,000 something people!!! Michelle Obama kicked off Let’s Jump at the White House yesterday with about 500 other people. I believe we can hit this record, I’ve seen and heard of the amazing responses we have been getting nationally and internationally. It’s been truly amazing watch this come together in the short time I’ve been in Nat Geo. It is so cool that people all over the world can come together for a common goal… which gets me to thinking… If we can unite over something like health and fitness, why can’t we all unite over other issues too?!

Alex and I had a discussion on our walk last night about whether or not people should care about such things as the Ethiopian Wolf or the Blue Fin Tuna going extinct. My reaction, hell yes!! Alex played devil’s advocate and said no, people are more concerned with just feeding themselves, as they should be, especially in under-developed countries. But after seeing the positive reaction of so many people from around the world coming to together for the Let’s Jump cause, I have no doubt that we could prevent species from being extinct in the same fashion and starting greater conservation movements. It’s about education, conservation, understanding, and possibly an incentive… For Maasai ranchers in Kenya and Tanzania, that incentive could simply be keeping their cattle free from lions, for Americans that could be the warm fuzzies of knowing that they contributed to a greater cause. I think education is the biggest piece in conservation is educating people! Perhaps that is because i’m going into the education field, but I do think people want to help make a difference in the world!!

Anyways, Let’s Jump was amazing and events like these are always enough to get my butt in gear and get off the couch, at least for this week. We will see what next week brings.


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